• Waistband Adjusters -for the perfect fit regardless of your waist: derriere ratio
• Rubber shirt grip on the inside of the waistband to prevent the polo from slipping out
• Taped and topstitched hem to prevent the hem from collapsing
• Cool wool fabrics that keep you warm in the winter and cool in the heat

Polo Shirts

• Machine washable on 40% wash
• Natural elasticity and highest UV Factor - 50+
• Sportswool unique vapour extraction system means you stay cooler and dryer
• Efficient wicking structures rapidly remove moisture away from the skin
• Drier garments that feel more comfortable during exercise and reduce post exercise chill
• Sportwool’s unique buffering properties also provide protection during extreme temperature conditions
• Naturally anti-bacterial and odour resistant

Waistband Adjuster
Rubber Shirt Grip
Hem Taped for Protection